Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to my clients?

We have built an up-to-date database of any and all recall reports on household appliances you might see in your home inspections. We check your reported appliances against our database to see if there are any outstanding recalls. If an affected unit is reported, we issue a report including the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, and how to remedy the defect including how to get the item repaired or replaced absolutely FREE. We even give your client the numbers of who to call and the hours they are open.

Won't my clients get notice of a recall on their appliance?

Most do not. Recalls follow the purchaser of the appliance. Even then the purchaser will only be notified of a recall if that product was registered. This is a valuable tool for every home buyer.

Why do agents like RecallChek?

RecallChek is an added value to each and every real estate transaction. If there is a recall within the home, it would be beneficial to both parties to get that item repaired or replaced for free. It reduces everyone's liability, and stops potential fire hazards that can be fixed for FREE.

Isn't there product recall information on the internet?

Yes. Recalled product information is public record. However, it is very time consuming and frustrating to use the tools provided by the CPSC. Also, if you do not have 100% accurate information, these tools will not find the recall. Our database is designed to be error proof. If your inspector has a hard time reading a number or letter, no need for concern. Our database will pull any matching and like numbers or letters- taking all the worry and liability out of the process.

What happens after a report is submitted to RecallChek?

Shortly after submittal, usually within a few days, both you and your client will be emailed a professional RecallChek report. This report will be complete with your inspector's information as well as a customer service number to answer any questions your client may have. Don't wait on the RecallChek report to formulate your inspection response- these repairs are generally FREE to the consumer. Your home inspector, by offering RecallChek, is bringing SOLUTIONS to the transaction- not objections.

How do I sign up for this service on ALL my home inspections?

We can help you locate a RecallChek home inspector, or you can suggest your inspector utilize this service and we will make certain that they are given a free report for your next client. It's that simple. And when you fill out any form here on our website, you will automatically be entered to win $500 CASH in our monthly drawings... NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!